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Tab's flower ceremony for K+K

Crafting Original Weddings in London and beyond

Your wedding is about you and your love, so why not make the actual bit where you get married as personalised as the rest!

The ceremony should be the most exciting part, not the part everyone is waiting to get through before the party. Indeed, let's start the party right away, perhaps with a drinks ritual or by dancing down the aisle!

Just like how there are a million different types of people in London, there are also a million different venues you can choose from. And the beauty of having a celebrant wedding is that it can be anywhere!

There are so many fantastic places in London that could host your wedding - think outside of the box! My husband and I love clubbing, so we had the first wedding ever in Fabric!

And if you're getting married outside of London, then I can travel baby! Trains are my life when I can't cycle.

If more traditional is your vibe, then I'm here for it. I want to make sure you get whatever is right for you and if you think I'm the right person for you and we vibe, then let's go!

I'm ready to make this the best, most meaningful and fun day of your life - are you?

To book a no-obligation discovery call, email me!

or send me a DM on Instagram @sayitrightceremonies


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